Mobile App Templates & Source Code

CodeCanyon - 15 puzzle

The 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. Your aim is to arrange the tiles in correct numerical order in the minimal moves and time possible

Universal - Full Multi-Purpose Android App

Create an app for almost anything. Universal is a solid template for everyone to create apps. You can use content from all around the web and combine it in one, customizeable, application

CodeCanyon - Chatloc - Chat with nearby

Location based random chat application. It uses socket and people can chatting instantly. It works with PC (HTML5), Mobile & Tablet. First you should define search distance by kilometer. Second step write nickname and wait for connecting someone in your search distance and online.

CodeCanyon - Medicine Alert

Medicine Alert is very helpful application to make the list of medicines with time alert. User could input the name of medicine, add description, choose alert’s time intervals and moment of start. The App could be use by everyone but is especially prepared for mature people – big buttons and text fields make the App very easy to use.

CodeCanyon - Amazing Brick Template AdMob + leaderboard

I’m not an amazing brick as named by my stupid creator. I’m just a happy brick, jumping joyfully around my beautiful colorful female neighbors…

CodeCanyon - Taxi Booking Complete Android and Web Solution

Put your taxi company logo and start branding your passenger app instantly. It is easy to use, easy to customize, dynamic passenger app that helps grab more passengers in this technological era

Read247 - social network of document (android)

Read247 - social network of document, is an mobile stories reader for Android smartphone with great design. Viewers can read, follow and share with their friends on Facebook many interesting documents and stories, which can be managed by an easy-to-use PHP admin panel. Using this application will save your money and time in creating a data sharing application.

CodeCanyon - City Guide - Map App for Android

City Guide is a native Android app for tourists. Create your own travel guide application with map, beautiful Material design and animations! It is fast, easy and affordable. You don’t need any server, because POI are stored in a local SQLite database.

HD Video

HD Video is new application that offers great collection of Hd Video for your android device. Are You thinking about to make video application that play video of your choice. You can make Application of Your favorite Video,Tv Shows,Movie,Serial,Sport and many more. Admin Add the category and its items and Viewer View thats.

Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.5

USER RATING Integration; USER REVIEWS Integration; NEWS Integration; WEATHER REVIEWS Integration; User Profile Cover Photo/Thumb Photo; Sliding Transition; Custom Icon per category (Map Icon); Localization Ready! Offline Usage; Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web); AdMobcustom Turn ON/OFF; Cool Mobile UI Interaction

CodeCanyon - Inform me - Family Tracker

Inform Me is the app which help parents to protect their children from strangers that may adversely affect the morale of children through specific calls or sms(which children often do not have the courage to talk openly with their parents about the situation created). And even if someone tries to steal the phone – Inform Me helps you collect data from your child’s phone.


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